Lakers eyeing Damian Lillard in potential league-shaking trade



The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly keeping their assets to try to lure a big deal to get Damian Lillard to Southern California.

Damian Lillard
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The Los Angeles Lakers Need to make some moves and fast. They were One of the worst teams In the NBAAnd the LeBron James They haven’t gotten any younger, so they can’t afford to waste another season.

Three weeks have not passed, and Anthony Davis He already has a lower back injury. Russell Westbrook It’s been pretty bad, and the newcomers look far from what they needed to improve last season.

Unsurprisingly, the Lakers have been linked with multiple stars over the past two months. Currently, Ovarian Report revealed that they can enter Damian Lillard the lotteryif available.

NBA rumors: Lakers could make a big move for Damian Lillard

“The second that Damien Lillard becomes available for a commercial package, I’m shipping AD Expresso, as fast as humanly possible to Portland Trail Blazers,” Read the report. “If I’m the Lakers, the only reason I wouldn’t go ahead and trade these two first-round picks is because I’m looking forward to someone like Damian Lillard.. Damian Lillard is more valuable than Buddy Heald and Miles Turner.”

LeBron James tried to recruit Lillard

There has been some chatter about the Blazers’ new front desk potentially moving from Lillard if they get off to a slow start. It is worth noting that the lady herself admitted this He had already had conversations with LeBron James about it.

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“was like‘I drag home and I’m like, sh*t, I’m here. Tomorrow is the only day I haven’t planned anything. I can stand up for a bit.”

“We just cut it out about the possibilities,” Lillard said. “what’s going on with you?” Lillard said James asked him. “And I said, ‘I really don’t know what we’re doing,'” he said. “It was just a conversation like that.”

“I didn’t even look at it as a hiring process,” he added. “The whole time I was like, ‘I play for the Blazers. “My only point is, let’s give ourselves a chance. I wasn’t sending any shots or sending any threats. I’m just being honest. When I’m asked a question, I answer the question. Because those questions haven’t been asked before.”

Having Lillard by James’ side would pretty much solve every problem the Lakers have shown this season. But again, it will all depend on whether the Blazers are ready or not Hit the reset button and start rebuilding.

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