Lakers have big news about Russell Westbrook



Even though it was meant to be traded, the Lakers seem to like what they’re seeing from Russell Westbrook now.

Russell Westbrook
© Ronald Martinez / Getty ImagesRussell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers Maybe they made a huge mistake when they traded Russell Westbrook. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, it was a good fit LeBron James And the Anthony Davis He was clearly poor.

Westbrook received a lot of heat for his poor performance in his first season in the purple and gold. However, it wasn’t as if anyone on the team besides LeBron had had a good season, and it looks like the team has lost all faith in the now fired coach. Frank Vogel.

That, combined with Westbrook’s massive contract, sparked countless trade rumors and most people expected him to be dealt with now. but, Shams Charania and Jovan Poha from Athletic I mentioned that the Lakers are really pleased Ross improved off season.

NBA news: Russell Westbrook was impressive in training camp

“During the fights, Westbrook was doing many of the little things the Lakers asked him to do,” Read the report. “He has been an active ball tester. He relentlessly pushes the pace in Ham uptempo system, looking for his teammates first and his shot second. He has engaged defensively, chasing the ball players while adjusting to Ham’s new coverage.”

“Westbrook has improved his shooting level slightly this summer, and sources say his 3-point catch-and-shoot ratio has improved in drills and scrimmages,” Report added.

Although he entered twilight his career, We’re still talking about former best player and scoring champion. Therefore, if Westbrook adopts a different role and does better for the team, they still have a great chance of competing.

Westbrook is one of the most athletic players in NBA history, and a healthy Anthony Davis could push the Lakers to a whole new level once again. That’s a lot of “ifs”, but maybe Westbrook He’ll get his chance at redemption in Hollywood.

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