Lakers know when they might trade Russell Westbrook



Although he’s still on their roster, the Los Angeles Lakers could move on from Russell Westbrook when the time comes.

Russell Westbrook
© Ethan Miller / Getty ImagesRussell Westbrook

Los Angeles Lakers Fitness Trainer Darvin Hamm Wants Russell Westbrook Being responsible on the defensive. Also, Westbrook agreed to Come off the bench Every now and then while they try to make the most of his talents.

But as much as they seem to have been sold on to sort things out, Westbrook’s name is still circulating in trade rumours. Needless to say, the Lakers would love it They dumped nearly $50 million he’ll make this season.

So, although this may seem complicated at the moment, Dave McMenamin from ESPN He thinks there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Apparently, Westbrook’s transfer will be much easier when the teams start arriving Victor Wimpanyama and Scott Henderson.

NBA news: Lakers could trade Russell Westbrook as teams start scrambling for Victor Wimpanyama

“The Lakers’ most optimistic view of Westbrook is that Hamm will handle it in a way that Vogel could not, and the nine-time All-Star team will have a rebounding season with some better defensive effort and offensive judgment.,” McMenamin Books. “Hamm ended preseason by removing Westbrook from the bench, a lineup the Lakers will continue to explore during the regular season,” sources told ESPN.

“Another thought process, perhaps even more realistic, is that more and more potential business partners will open up as teams will be excited to join Tankathon to reach the top of the 2023 NBA Draft as generational talent at Victor Wembanyama and blue chip prospect at Scoot Henderson await,The report added.

More teams will be willing to absorb expiring contracts like Westbrook, losing games, and trying to get one of the top picks in the upcoming draft. After that, they can even make a purchase deal with Ross And let him play for a competitor.

However, there is still a chance that Russell Westbrook will have a good experience under Darvin Hamm’s management, despite early returns in pre-season. It was far from encouraging.

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