Lakers’ LeBron James gets real on Russell Westbrook’s shooting woes



Russell Westbrook had a forgotten night against the Clippers, failing to score a field goal as the Lakers lost 97-103. Here’s what LeBron James had to say about it.

LeBron James (left) and Russell Westbrook.
© Michael Reeves / Getty ImagesLeBron James (left) and Russell Westbrook.

One of the biggest storylines yet Lakers‘0-2 start at 2022-23 NBA season It’s bad to shoot them. The team has to improve in many areas, but Their abuse looked especially bad In the first two games.

Thursday was against clippers That their offensive problems became alarmingly visible, only with LeBron JamesAnd the Anthony DavisAnd the Looney Walker IV Post double-digit points.

on the other side, Russell Westbrook It was one of his worst performances ever. While scoring only two points in 27 minutes, Brody He missed all of his field goals (0-11) and three-point attempts (0-6). After the match, LeBron spoke about his teammate’s shooting struggles.

Lakers News: LeBron James addresses the night of the shooting of Russell Westbrook 0-11

Flush it down the toilet and get ready for Sunday. James said in his press conference, via Vanishing world. “He’s a veteran. We’ve all had bad shooting nights. Everyone in this league has had bad shooting nights. who cares? I thought he played a great defensive game.

“He was locked up. He pushed the rhythm. He didn’t take any shots, and that’s okay. He had five steals, two in a row at the critical time… He didn’t make any shots. this is good. Just flush it down the toilet.”

Westbrook contributed in defense, but his poor work in attack may have overshadowed everything else. However, head coach Darvin Hamm He doesn’t seem concerned about his team’s shooting struggles.

Darvin Hamm talks about Lakers’ shooting struggles

We see these guys making shots during training and shooting,Ham said across Lakers Nation. They have to do it on the game floor. It’s that easy. Whether the team gives us the shots or not, you know, that’s what it is, but we like the shots we get. Once we start making it, we’ll see if these picks are still available due to our running and checking habits.

“Sure, you want to see the ball go in more. But then again, you just have to trust the process and keep working on it And get reps. Eventually, the ball will enter the aperture.”

Even after going through one of their worst campaigns in recent years, the Lakers once again received a wake-up call after just two games into the season. Purple and Gold are back in action on Sunday against Portland.

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