Lebanon cholera outbreak more than doubles


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in Cholera follow-up In Lebanon, the Ministry of Public Health reported 46 new confirmed cases and one additional death, bringing the total to 89 confirmed cases of cholera and three deaths.

Confirmed cases were recorded in the following regions: Akkar (33), Minieh-Denniyeh (39), Belbek (14) and Kesrouan (3).

The Ministry of Health announced that Minister of Health, Dr. Faras Al-Bayed, participated by default in the meeting of the 69th session of the World Health Organization’s Regional Committee for the Middle East.

In the meeting, Al-Bayed presented the preparations made by the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the ministries and all concerned parties, to combat cholera, in order to prepare hospitals, secure clean and safe water, sewage treatment, and ways to treat sewage. Supporting the Health Organization in Lebanon by training health workers and providing necessary medicines and vaccinations if requested.

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