LeBron James’ epic response when asked about Russell Westbrook



The Los Angeles Lakers had a terrible start to the season. However, LeBron James will not point the finger at any teammate.

LeBron James
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The Los Angeles Lakers It got off to a brutal start to the season. They’ve now dropped their first three matches, even late bombing lead to Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers. On top of that, their schedule won’t get any easier in the next week or so.

Lakers You have a real chance of going from 0 to 7 or 0 to 8 to start the season. Needless to say, it has affected the team’s morale, and their body language is showing signs of frustration despite being so early in the season.

Again, Rob Pelinka Make a questionable list. They just aren’t fit on the court, and a reform seems inevitable at this point. LeBron James Not satisfied, as are his teammates.

NBA news: LeBron James says Lakers aren’t happy right now

“If you’re around a bunch of guys getting excited after a loss, that’s the worst job that can be,” James said. “I’m going to leave my frustration and what I have here. Once I get out of the tunnel, I’m leaving here and that’s it. I have to move on to tomorrow, how do I get better tomorrow, and prepare for this hard road trip that we started in Minnesota and start in Denver.”

He won’t talk about Russell Westbrook

unsurprisingly, Russell Westbrook He blames the team’s flaws again. However, James won’t sit around and throw his teammate under the bus, as much as the media wants to hear his real thoughts about him:

“I don’t know. I feel like this is an interview trying to get me ready to say something,” James stated. “I can tell you guys they’re a whole Russell Westbrook class right now. I don’t like to lose. I hate to lose in any of them – I don’t care what happens over the course of the season, during my career I hate to lose, especially the way we played This game, but I give credit to Portland. You guys talk about Ross and all the things you guys want to try to talk about, but I’m not here just to do that.”

“We can’t shoot a penny into the ocean,” LeBron continued. “But that didn’t stop us from competing, it didn’t stop us from defending; it gave us a chance in all three games to win.”

Westbrook didn’t look good at all, but He’s not the only one responsible for this. If anything, people should point the finger at the guy who traded in his favour despite having a terrible fit and then refused to move him in the off-season when he had the opportunity.

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