LeBron James makes a big request to Anthony Davis



The Los Angeles Lakers are aiming for a comeback in the 2022-23 NBA season after two frustrating years. Anthony Davis’ health will be one of the biggest storylines, for which LeBron James has already made an important request.

LeBron James (left) and Anthony Davis.
© Harry Ho/Getty ImagesLeBron James (left) and Anthony Davis.

The Lakers Go to 2022-23 NBA season With high expectations. Although the team knows it has to do to be seen as a contender again, its goal is crystal clear: To do a much better job than last year, when he missed the playoffs. with LeBron James And the Anthony Davis pack leadership, Los Angeles Hope that is possible.

However, it’s safe to say that the Lakers’ team aspirations depend mostly on Davis’ fitness. With him in good health, the team won the 2020 championship. On the other hand, The injuries to the striker in the past two seasons have proven to be a huge blow.

The Lakers failed to overcome an AD injury in the first round of the 2020-21 playoffs, and did not take part in the playoffs with him on the sidelines last season. And therefore, Everyone seems ready to follow his lead this year, including lebron.

Lakers News: LeBron James ready to give Anthony Davis the reins

In a recent interview with Chris Hines from Hey ho! SportsDavis has opened up about his intention to stay healthy and help the franchise return to the top this season. Darvin Hamm And even James seems to trust AD to lead the way.

(via Yahoo! Sports)

Coach Darvin Hamm You’ll be looking to use the 8-time All-Star as your #1 attacking choice to help reduce your workload to your 4-time MVP LeBron James, who is entering his twentieth season. Davis said James, 37, has been on his ear about taking the lead, while the rest of the players will follow.

“All I can do is command my actions,” Davis told Yahoo Sports. “I am excited about this challenge and what is to come. I think we have a great group of guys to get the job done. Now it comes to putting the work in.”

Statistics prove how influential Davis has been since joining the Lakers. When injuries didn’t get in his way, he helped the team win a ring. When he was outside, Violet and Gold struggled. So it certainly is player to watch this chapter.

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