Lionel Messi might lose a key partner in Argentina for the FIFA World Cup


Qatar 2022

Injuries leave some players out of Qatar 2022. Now, Argentina could lose a key partner of Lionel Messi to the FIFA World Cup just a month before the tournament.

Lionel Messi - Argentina - 2022
© Juan Manuel Serrano Ars / Getty ImagesLionel Messi – Argentina – 2022

The world Cup Very close, but unfortunately there are some players who will not be able to play due to injuries. Argentina Just turn on the alarms like Lionel Messi may lose a The main partner for Qatar 2022.

Argentina Considered as one of the nominees for the following award world Cup. They had a great run in CONMEBOL Qualifiers and won another Copa AmericaSo, everyone is expecting a big tournament by Albiceleste in Qatar 2022.

Of course, Lionel Messi is the biggest star in it Lionel Scaloni The team, but it’s not the only one. right Now , Argentine A coach may lose a key partner to his captain due to a severe injury.

Giovanni Lo Celso injury: Will he be ready for the FIFA World Cup?

Lionel Scaloni He arrived in the Argentine national team in 2018 and everything changed for them. Since then, the Albiceleste He dominated and is now one of the favorites to win the world Cup.

Throughout his tenure as a coach, Lionel Scaloni I used a lot of players, but Giovanni Lo Celso It is one of his favourites. The midfielder has been pretty solid lately and has earned a spot in it Argentina Starting from the eleventh, but now his appearance in Qatar 2022 is in danger.

One month away from the major tournament, Giovanni Lo Celso injured with Villarreal In the 12th round of the 2022-23 season in the League. In the 23rd minute against English Athletic The Argentine midfielder has stopped running due to a problem with his right leg.

Lo Celso immediately Fell to the ground She called the Villarreal doctors. Unfortunately, it was unable to continue And he was replaced, in a letter not good for him.

According to AS, Lo Celso owns a file ligament injury He will have to confrontation with time To be fit for the World Cup. The midfielder immediately began rehabilitating him to be available for Qatar 2022.

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