Lionel Messi speaks on his Argentina future after Qatar 2022



Just a few days after stating that Qatar 2022 would be the final World Cup finals, the Argentine starred in and left the door open for more matches with the Albiceleste side.

Lionel Messi #10 from Argentina
© Getty ImagesLionel Messi #10 from Argentina

When it seemed Lionel MessiHis time with Argentina was slowly coming to an end which the 35-year-old was back. Messi He said in an interview that 2022 will be his World Cup finals Argentina.

Messi He also did not confirm whether the Qatar 2022 tournament will be a final for Argentina together, as he hopes to play in the Copa America in Ecuador in 2024.

Now in an interview with DirecTV, Messi has stated that the last dance may not be in Qatar 2022, and that there is still more for Messi to skip Qatar and look forward to 2026.

Lionel Messi talks about Argentina’s future

“Will I continue in Argentina after the World Cup? I feel a lot better physically at the moment. Better than last year when I arrived at Paris Saint-Germain. When I said a few days ago that this is my last World Cup, I did it because of a logical problem regarding age. But after it ends we’ll see…” Messi told DirecTV.

Messi, who hopes to play the Copa America in 2024 to defend the title Argentina won in 2021 in Brazil, is having a great start to the season with Paris Saint-Germain. It’s also not unreasonable given his excellent level of play that Messi sees 2026 as an option. Messi has 8 goals in 14 games for Paris Saint-Germain this season and 10 goals in 6 games for Argentina in 2022.

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