Luis Suárez offers advice to Liverpool striker Darwin Núñez ahead of Qatar 2022



Uruguay’s all-time leading scorer and Liverpool legend Luis Suarez gives advice to fellow countryman and fellow striker Darwin Nunez.

Luis Suarez
© Kelvin LoyolaLuis Suarez

Luis Suarez He is at a point in his career where he wants to give back to the younger generation, a career that will see him play in his fourth World Cup finals in November. Suarez is the new starring Torneo Clausura with Nationalclub is back After more than 17 years in Europe.

Luis Suarez scored 5 goals in 12 matches and was an inspiration to Los Tricolores’ young players. in the national team, Luis Suarez He coaches the player many feel will replace him, Liverpool’s Darwin Nunez.

Despite some unwarranted criticism, Darwin Nunez He has two goals in six Premier League matches and one goal in 4 Champions League matches. Suarez knows about the pressures of being “the guy” and having to mentor Nunez, something he takes very seriously.

Luis Suarez on the pressures of being the face of a team

Speaking to Montevideo Portal, the former Barcelona striker was asked about Darwin Nunez and his improvement at Liverpool, there Suarez talked about his own experiences in the World Cup and in Liverpool.

“When I came in and scored two or three goals against Real Madrid or it was a great game, people would say, ‘Hey Suarez’ or ‘Bah did you see Suarez’. This up to you, in the 2014 World Cup it affected me. I felt I had to be Uruguay’s savior, and that upset me and made me do something stupid against Giorgio Chiellini.”

Suarez said when it comes to Nunez, “It’s hard to live with the pressure of playing every three days and having to perform. They (the fans and the press) will forget that the previous game you scored two goals or that you helped and played the best game of the season. They live in the present and being in Liverpool you have to live in the moment. the present “.

“If you miss a goal in a match, they will laugh at the goal you missed. But you have to be mentally strong and walk away from all of that. You have to call yourself out and say, ‘Wow, what a goal I missed!’ I can’t miss the next show. “And I don’t care what people say. So, train, improve and be strong in that aspect”

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