Luka Doncic ties up huge Michael Jordan’s record



Luca Donic on his journey to being nominated for the Best Player award. In fact, after the first week of the 2022-2023 season, he has already set a record unseen since Michael Jordan.

Luka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks
© Sarah Steer/Getty ImagesLuka Doncic of the Dallas Mavericks

beginning of 2022-2023 NBA season She revealed one of the most unpredictable shows in an instant. Although science Luka Doncic’s potentialit wasn’t clear when he could take on the challenge in order to obtain one of the most coveted prizes, in this case Most Valuable Player. In fact, he has set an unseen record since then Michael JordanAnd the after, after Six games in the regular season.

Although Luka Doncic is a great player, this is no accident. Doncic He lacks a good group of players who can play alongside him to get Dallas Mavericks To the 2nd NBA Championship After more than 10 years since then Dirk Nowitzki. Last season’s performance was the best so far 23 years arrived to Texas franchise.

However, the Mavericks front desk No big names can be signed for Dallas during its seasonbut there is a new version that is better than what was seen in it Spencer Dinwiddy In the second unit, as well Christian Woodwho plays a large amount of minutes and tries to stay inside the winning zone for Mavericks.

NBA news: Luka Doncic breaks Michael Jordan’s mega-record

By pulling out 30 points against the Orlando Magic At the American Airlines Center, Luka Doncic He has racked up six consecutive matches with 30+ points each. Doncic is the first player since then Michael Jordan To do this in the first six games of the regular season, just like Six-time NBA champion did in 1986-87 NBA season.

In that regular season, Michael Jordan I started with 50 points Game against the New York Knicks In the Madison square gardenfollowed by Game of 41 points against Cleveland CavaliersAnd the Four games in a row With over 30 points each.

for Luka Doncic, started with 35 point game against the Phoenix Sunsfollowed by two consecutive games with more than 30 points eachAnd the One Game of 41 points against Brooklyn Networksand then two consecutive games Draw more than 30 points each against Oklahoma City Thunderand the Orlando Magic.

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