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Ride-hail giant Lyft has relaunched Lyft Pink’s monthly subscription plan, at half its previous price. At $9.99 per month or $99 per year, the new membership offers perks like free priority pickups and a “minimum” 5% discount on Preferred, Lux, and XL flights, the company is He said Tuesday.

Members will also get three free cancellations per month, one free monthly bike or scooter unlock, free Sixt rental car upgrades, roadside assistance for your own vehicle up to four times per year and Grubhub+ discounts.

Previously, Lyft Pink offered members discounts on all rides. The company said, on average, that members saved $29 per month on trips, excluding the cost of membership. So they really saved an average of $19 on rides.

Lyft is also paying a premium or membership tier for riders who want to ride bikes and scooters. The Lyft Pink All Access plan, $199 per year, contains all the benefits of Lyft Pink with unlimited 45-minute bike rides, free e-bike and scooter unlocks, and discounted e-bike or scooter minutes at Participating citiesand three guests on a bike or scooter each year, according to Lyft.

The company said that senior drivers enrolled in Lyft Rewards, the company’s Ride-hail rewards program for drivers, will now have access to a free monthly Lyft Pink membership.

Ahead of third-quarter earnings, Lyft is working to attract more riders and increase its margins. company last week Service fee hike A gathering of riders to combat high insurance fees.
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