Mac Jones and starting QBs who might lose their jobs soon


The National Football League he is Quarterback in the league. No matter how good your defense or running game is, you probably won’t win Energy Unless you have at least a good QB.

The Los Angeles Rams Walking proof. It only took a year without Jared Goff They have to go the distance, and there’s a good reason why San Francisco 49ers I couldn’t get over the hump Jimmy Garoppolo.

With that in mind, there could be Multiple changes in staff In the next two weeks, at least in the most important position in the game. Here we present to you 3 Starting QBs who may lose their jobs.

NFL News: 3 Starting QBs Who Might Lose Their Jobs

3. Baker Mayfield

we will, Baker Mayfield He actually lost his job, but that was allegedly due to an injury. He’s healthy enough to play on Sunday, and some insiders think he’ll get another chance. However, he will have a short leash and they don’t exactly want him to succeed.

If anything, the Carolina Panthers Mayfield can benefit from sitting, such as Cleveland Browns He will then get to choose the lowest value. Also, Mayfield was terrible even when he was healthy, and his years as a rookie should end regardless.

2. Mac Jones

Mac Jones It did nothing to prove that it could be the start of QB moving forward. His defense bore him the first year, and he backed down on his second campaign. He’s not athletic, he’s not fast, and he doesn’t have the strongest arm.

Bill Belichick He had already sent him a message by calling him up Billy Zappy last week. It wasn’t much better, but at least it has bulky explosives and it can’t do much worse than an Alabama product.

1. Marcus Mariota

The Atlanta Falcons They are currently at the top of their league, but that’s nothing to be proud of. Moreover, the team’s game plan shows a clear lack of confidence in Marcus Mariota, Because they turned him into a review specialist who hardly throws a soccer ball.

Mariota has been mostly bad throughout his career. But if the hawk has no intention of letting him throw, why not turn to the novice Desmond Reader? This may also be the case in the second half of the season.

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