Mac Jones, Bill Belichick get real on the Pats’ QB situation



Although he eventually struggled in the second half, Billy Zappy may have ended Mac Jones’ career with the New England Patriots.

Mac Jones and Billy Zappie
© Maddy Meyer/Getty ImagesMac Jones and Billy Zappie

So you tell me Bill Belichick Bench QB . start Although he was unharmed, now he can take over his support? is this happened before? I wonder how that is for New England Patriots.

Mac Jones He came back from an ankle injury but has been as ineffective as he has been this season. So, coach Belichick rolled the dice and turned into a novice Billy Zappywho excelled when Jones was on the shelf.

He immediately threw Zappy to land and seemed alert and in control of the attack. He struggled in the end, and Chicago Bears He eloped with a big surprise at Foxboro, but the debate is still official about: Is Zappy better than Jones?

NFL News: Mac Jones opens up about being a seat

“I definitely wanted to play better, and have to do better at my job,” Jones said after the match. “That’s all about it and that’s all I can control, and frankly, we have a good chance here to take on the Jets, and that’s what I’m really focused on. I will do my best to move forward.”

“I’ve been in this situation before and I’ll just try to help the team, and whatever my turn, I’ll be ready and I’ll give it 100%,” Jones said he is likely to lose his job. “When Sunday comes we will know.”

Bill Belichick will not commit to QB immediately

“We just finished the game,” Belichick said when asked about QB’s status. However, he added, Jones could have gotten back into the game if the Bears hadn’t blown them up in the second half.

All things considered, it’s not like Jones did anything to make us think he’d be a star. He has benefited from a strong offensive streak in the junior season and has fallen back this year. He doesn’t seem to have the speed nor arm strength to hit defenders with a stride, And Zappy looked so much better and more explosive.

However, giving up your QB franchise after a season and a half may not be the wisest option. But Bill Belichick Prove that he is ruthless in the past, so this wouldn’t be that shocking either.

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