Magic Johnson reveals one big regret on his pitch to get LeBron James sign for Lakers



Magic Johnson’s tenure as CEO may not have been as good as his time as a Lakers player, but he managed to convince LeBron James to move to Los Angeles. However, he recently revealed his deep regrets about it.

Magic Johnson.
© Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesMagic Johnson.

lebron mosquesmission with Lakers It may not have gone as expected yet. Together, they just won One NBA Championship – Much less than expected. Right now, they don’t even look like they can make the playoffs.

But four years ago, hmm Looks like the perfect match for each other. The King had been dominating the league for years, while the Violet and Gold players needed a player of his caliber to get back on their feet.

Magic Johnsonwho served as Lakers president from 2017 to 2019, recently revealed in an appearance on Club Shay Shay how he persuaded James, but also One regret revealed around it.

Magic Johnson regrets not telling LeBron James that he was resigning as Lakers president

“I regret not calling Pepperon and telling him I was quitting. I owe it to him,” Johnson said via Vanishing world. “I wanted to fire Luke Walton…I said, ‘Hey, we should let him go.'” He’s not the right guy…” and they wanted to keep him and I said okay. I didn’t want to break the wonderful relationship I had with Jenny Boss…so instead of sitting there, I said let me out, that would be better for everyone and felt like some dudes wanted to sit in the seat I had.

I said it like this: You can be in charge of the greatest franchise in the world, run it and take us back to the championship. And they will say you did. I said: Give me two years. I said, “We’re going to win the championship in that third year.” And everything I told him happened.”

It’s hard to believe that the man who deserves credit for signing LeBron wasn’t in the organization when he led the James Lakers to the 2020 NBA title. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Charm He is responsible for the landing One of the all-time greats of Los Angeles.

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