Magic’s favorite player in the first Lakers’ win



The five-time NBA champion with the Los Angeles Lakers named his favorite player in their first win of the season. But surprisingly, it wasn’t LeBron James nor Anthony Davis.

Irvine "Charm" Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers legend
© Michael Loccisano/Getty ImagesIrvin “Magic” Johnson, Los Angeles Lakers legend

After four games, he decided the first win of the season Los Angeles Lakers. For this Irvine ‘Magic’ Johnson He wasted no time and made his first comments about it. Especially talking about a player who has been criticized a lot regardless of LeBron James And the Anthony Davis.

In fact, Anthony Davis He wasn’t sure he’d be playing against the Nuggets, but Lakers coach Darvin Hamm He stated after the match that Davis didn’t want to let him down, so he played with some pain in his lower back. Beside LeBron James Who started a little weak with his shots on the edge, but had a great second half of the match.

Such as Magic Johnson She is one of the best legends in Lakers historyHe is the voice empowered to make bold statements about the performance of 17-time NBA Championship Winners, as well as their players. Especially at times It gets tough or when you start looking good.

Lakers News: Magic Johnson chooses Russell Westbrook over LeBron James and Anthony Davis

a day after Los Angeles Lakers beat Denver Nuggets At Arena, Magic johson He decided to sum up the team’s first win of the season, winning 5 NBA titles. In fact, he went above and beyond with his whole point of view, especially picking which player he liked the most in that game.

Russell Westbrook He adapts to a new role to come off the bench, which fits perfectly with the Lakers’ rhythm during the game, especially against Denver Nuggets. This is what many analysts believe, in fact, they mentioned Lakers coach Darvin Hamm He found a role that would keep him in the league.

However, he wasn’t the only one who made a good match.
Anthony Davis with
23 pointsAnd the
15 follow Beside
LeBron James with
26 points with
8 assists He led the team to their first win of the season. Otherwise, it could have been
The worst start for the Lakers Ago
1958 nba season, When they were in Minneapolis and lost the first
Six matches of the regular season.

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