Making a case for the Nets to trade Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons


The Brooklyn Networks They dug themselves into a hole in which they did not even win NBA Championship can get them out. Jay Williams Claims that they have become Least Liked Team In the NBA History, it could be on to something.

Recruit Im Odoka It is just another step in the wrong direction. Their desire to compete caused another PR disaster, as Udoka was properly suspended from the Boston Celtics just six weeks ago.

Kyrie Irving’s anti-Semitic comments It made him the most controversial figure in the league. And it’s not like Ben Simmons He did a lot to help their winning cause during the first phase of the season.

Immediately, Kevin Durant IAll alone on an island. An island he chooses to place himself on over and over again. Truth be told, people don’t want to see these guys succeed. If anything, they are watching their fall.

NBA: This is why the networks should trade all their stars

Therefore, it seemed like the only way the Networks could recover from this disaster was to just give up and hit the drawing board. They don’t control their choices, so that might mean Stuck in basketball hell for years.

But how will they compete for fans’ love when they share the city with New York Knicks And you have three of the most hated players in the NBA? How can people empathize with them again? They should trade the Big Three, and here’s why:

Ben Simmons – A shell of himself

Ben Simmons You don’t want to play basketball anymore. Its commercial value was at an all-time low, but many desperate teams could still play the many players who could actually fix the Nets defense.

Even if he wanted to play, could they really continue to wait for him Back to his old self? And even if it was, would that be enough to get past their flaws? The guy literally refuses to shoot.

Kyrie Irving – Unreliable and volatile

Keri Irving can not be trusted. He’s proven it over and over, going without permission and putting everything but basketball first. He didn’t want to stay, and they didn’t want him there, so why would he postpone the inevitable?

Despite his talent, most teams don’t want anything to do with Irving, which is understandable. But would it be so bad to send him to Lakers for Russell WestbrookParts, hopefully, a choice?

Kevin Durant – It’s over his head

Kevin Durant He discovered the hard way that his influence around the league is close to zero. He’s not as desirable as he thought, which is a byproduct of his huge ego and vulnerability at this point in his career.

But as troublesome as it gets, Durant is still one of the greatest people to ever do so. Someone will give away more than enough value in exchange for at least staying competitive for years to come. wanted to leave, So let’s grant him his wish.

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