Malaysia: 4 rabies fatalities reported in Sarawak to date


The Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak announced that six cases of rabies were reported in Sarawak with four deaths recorded during January-March this year. Said Datuk Seri Dr. Sim Kwe Hian.

The deaths were reported in four different provinces, Cebu, Kanuet, Siburan and Bintulu.

Two patients were successfully rescued after medical intervention; However, they are severely hampered by the viral infection.

Dr Sim made these remarks to the media while attending the Asia Animal Conference (AFA) Sarawak 2023 at the Borneo Convention Center Kuching (BCCK).

“Last year, a total of 12 cases of rabies with 10 deaths were recorded in Sarawak,” he said.

He explained that according to Sarawak Veterinary Service (JVS) data, a total of 2,210 animal bite cases were reported, of which 1,205 were dog bites, 985 were cat bites and 20 were other animal bites.

He added that out of 40 samples taken from dog and cat bite cases, 18 of them (16 dogs and 2 cats) were positive.

Since the start of the Sarawak rabies outbreak in 2017, a total of 48 deaths have been reported from the infection and the public has been urged to take the disease seriously.

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