Manchester United’s legends turn their backs on Cristiano Ronaldo with a rude message



Cristiano Ronaldo is experiencing the worst moment of his career. Now, in addition to not playing for Manchester United, two former legends have made their appearances with a rude message to the Portuguese star.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United - Premier League 2022-23
© Alex Pantling / Getty ImagesCristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United – Premier League 2022-23

It’s a crucial time for Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese striker couldn’t start Eric Ten Hag Manchester United And now two previous legends You have They turned their backs on him With a rude message to both the player and the team.

When Cristiano Ronaldo He returned in 2021 to Manchester United, and everyone thought it was a great move by the Red Devils. A year later, both parties may already have regretted what they did.

Unfortunately, Manchester United He no longer uses one of his best weapons. it is clear that Portuguese striker He wasn’t comfortable in the team and now a couple of former legends have addressed the problem with a rude but very real statement.

Gary Neville and Gap Stam are getting real about Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems with Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo He’s probably one of the greatest players of all time, so anything he does is always judged. Unfortunately, his recent actions were not the best and critics talked about them.

during Round 11 of the 22-23 Premier League seasonFace Manchester United Tottenham in Old Trafford. The The Red Devils won 2-0 The end result, but it wasn’t the game’s most appealing news to fans.

at the end of the match, Cristiano Ronaldo He was called off the bench by Eric Ten Hag In the 88th minute to enter the field. He refused and left for the locker room, which showed that he was clearly angry at the Dutch coach.

“When you look at whether to choose Ronaldo, which is obviously Ronaldo’s main problem at the moment – that he doesn’t play – a great player like him, Manchester United are better without him.” Red Devils legend Gary Neville told Sky Sports about the situation.

“Manchester United scores and scores more points without him”, Yap Stam said. “He is entering the final stage of his career. He just has to assume the team is better without him…or he leaves. He can’t handle the fact that he’s no longer a beginner. It’s not fair to remember him that way.”

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