Marburg virus disease situation update from WHO


the Global Health Organization We issued the following situation updates regarding the simultaneous outbreak of Marburg virus disease (MVD) in the African countries of Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania:

Since the outbreak was declared on February 13, 2023, a total of 17 laboratory confirmed cases of MVD and 23 probable cases have been reported as of May 1. Of the laboratory confirmed cases, 12 deaths (CFR 75%) were recorded. For a confirmed case, the outcome of the disease is unknown. All possible cases died. Five districts (Bata, Ibeyan, Evenayong, Nsuq Nsumu and Nsurk) in four out of the country’s eight districts (Centro Sur, Qui Ntim, Littoral and Wely Nzas) have reported confirmed or probable cases. The worst affected area is Bata in the province of Litoral, where 11 laboratory-confirmed cases of MVD have been reported.

Of the confirmed cases, four have recovered and five have been reported among healthcare workers, of whom two have died.

Among the reported cases, many are linked within a social network/agglomeration or by geographic proximity, however, the early presence of cases and/or clusters across multiple regions without clear epidemiological links may indicate undetected virus transmission.

There are currently no confirmed cases at the Marburg Treatment Center after a patient was recently discharged on 26 April 2023. This brings the total survivors to four since the outbreak was declared.

In the last 21 days (from 11 April to 1 May 2023), two confirmed cases were reported from Bata district. These cases had a known epidemiological link to a confirmed case, through a family group or through a healthcare setting.



Since the MVD outbreak was declared on March 21, 2023, a total of nine cases (eight laboratory confirmed and one probable) have been reported as of April 30, 2023. Of the total cases, six deaths (CFR 66.7%) have been recorded. Of the confirmed cases, three have recovered, and two have been reported among healthcare workers, one of whom has died.

In the last 21 days, from April 10 to 30, one confirmed case was reported on April 11. This case was the mother of a previously reported case of MVD, an 18-month-old infant, who died on the same day. The mother was quarantined once MVD was detected in the child in March. No other connections associated with this condition have been reported. There are currently no confirmed cases at the Bukoba treatment center after the confirmed patient was discharged on 21 April 2023. This brings the total survivors to three since the outbreak was declared.

All cases were reported from Bukoba District in Kagera District.

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