Maryland couple ‘unable to sleep’ after strangers moved into home they are buying


a Maryland realtor Representing a couple who discovered strangers had moved into a home that was due to close this week, she told Fox News Digital on Monday that her clients “couldn’t sleep” because of the situation.

The couple in Prince George’s County signed a contract with a bank to buy a bank vacant house forbidden Thursday in Clinton, according to WUSA9. When they left that meeting and drove past the property, the couple reportedly saw a U-Haul in the driveway and people were moving in. The next day people were still at home and refused to leave.

“It’s been a nightmare, my clients are very angry, very upset,” Melia King, the couple’s realtor, told Fox News Digital. “The anxiety started where they couldn’t sleep and worried at this point for their safety. They honestly have regrets or second thoughts if they want to move forward at this time. It’s a mess.”

King said the couple is set to close at the property this week.

Maryland Cooper Says Strangers Moved In They Just Bought And Refused To Leave

The home the couple is buying is in Clinton, Maryland, according to WUSA9.
(Google Maps)

“At this particular time, I’m not sure they’re still on the property, I hope they had some kind of decency and walked their way,” King said of the apparent protesters. “That would be great.”

A Prince George County Sheriff visited the home Thursday, but the department said the case appeared to be a “civil matter” for the sheriff.

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The two law enforcement agencies did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Monday on whether people were still Occupy the house in Clinton.

But King said she believes the police “really dropped the ball” in dealing with the matter.

Prince George's County police reportedly responded to the home in Clinton on Thursday.

Prince George’s County police reportedly responded to the home in Clinton on Thursday.
(Prince George County Police)

“They weren’t living in this property, the car, there was a U-Haul, they were trying to move things in. At the time, they were literally trespassing, they’re intruders, they don’t have the right to be there,” said King.


When the couple faced the men moving into the house, they showed papers claiming to be a lease of the property, which led to the couple calling the police.

“The agent was on the phone when the officers were there and mentioned them clearly [that her clients] “They have ownership of this property with the bank, they represent the bank, and these people have no right to be there,” King said. They shouldn’t be there.”

Elizabeth Pritchett of Fox News contributed to this report.

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