Massachusetts governor debate: Geoff Diehl and Maura Healey spar over raising taxes, exorbitant energy costs


The last Massachusetts governor’s debate between Republican candidate Jeff Dale and Democrat Maura Healey Thursday night saw the two candidates wrangle over taxes and how best to deal with the energy crisis.

Healy, currently the state’s attorney general, said “tax cutting” would be a priority under her administration but later dodged a question if she would stick to not and raise taxes.

On the contrary, Diehl, a Donald TrumpEndorsing the former state legislator, he repeatedly said he would not “expect a tax increase at all” and opposed a proposal to raise taxes for the wealthiest taxpayers.

“We are exhausting people,” he added.

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When asked directly about the lack of tax increases, Healy said she would not “be committed to certain commitments”.

“The economic health “The interest of this country is the absolute priority and responsibility of the ruler,” the Democrat said.

Immediately after Healey refused not to make the tax pledge, Diehl’s campaign made the point to his supporters.

In an email to his supporters, Republican “There’s only one thing you need to know about tonight’s debate in the race for governor – Maura Healey has refused to promise voters she won’t raise taxes,” he added.

“This is a big warning sign for voters,” he added. “In fact, Maura Healey is already working hard to raise taxes by backing the first question. There is no doubt that Jeff Dale is the best choice to be our next governor because he is the only candidate who will make Massachusetts affordable.”

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Massachusetts Republican Jeff Dale, left, speaks with Massachusetts Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey, right, before the televised governor’s debate, Wednesday, October 12, 2022, at NBC 10 Boston Television Studios, in Needham , Massachusetts.
(AP Photo/Steven Senne, Pool)

In the debate, the two governorship candidates also discussed the current situation energy crisis and high energy prices in the state. Diehl pointed to Healey’s record of blocking plans to build two gas pipelines and tried to push her to deter energy supplies from rising costs in a potentially expensive winter.


Healy maintains a significant lead over Diehl in the national opinion polls, despite falling five points over the past three months.

WCVB Channel 5 hosted the latest televised debate in partnership with the Boston Globe, WBUR and Univision.

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