Matt LaFleur reacts to Aaron Rodgers’ comments on Packers teammates



Aaron Rodgers made headlines on Tuesday after suggesting that some of his teammates should be tried for mental errors. Here’s what Packers coach Matt LaFleur had to say about it.

Packers coach Matt Lafleur (left) and Aaron Rodgers.
© Patrick Smith / Getty ImagesPackers coach Matt Lafleur (left) and Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers Try to remain as calm as possible even after a complicated start to 2022 NFL season to Green Bay Packers. However, it took three consecutive defeats for the veteran quarterback to lose his patience.

In his weekly appearance on Pat McAfee Show On Tuesday, Rodgers was very honest about his team’s struggles in recent weeks, saying that some of his teammates He shouldn’t be playing in order to make a lot.”mental errors. “

Although he didn’t mention any specific name, he suggested it Matt LaFleur Changes must be made to the depth chart. On Wednesday, the Packers head coach took up the topic with the media.

Matt LaFleur addresses Aaron Rodgers invites Packers teammates

“I think, you know, we have to be honest with each other, and sometimes the truth hurts,” LaFleur said via ProFootballTalk. “And it’s no different than what happens when your kids make a mistake, right? You tell them about it. And you make sure that— I don’t think he invited individuals publicly, I don’t believe. I didn’t sit there and listen to everything. So I think you have to get to the root of the truth. This gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. We can never escape from that. And it’s no different than when we were in these team meetings. You always call it how it is. And I don’t think anyone is off limits, starting with myself.

“We certainly only addressed accountability and how We are all accountable to each other, and we need everyone to, you know, do everything in the right way,LaFleur . has been added. “All the little things will add up to the big things. And that’s how you prepare. It’s the way the people in the building are treated. All that. Everything we do matters.

“So I guess what he was trying to cross, obviously you guys can talk to him about that, but Everyone should be on top of their game. And it starts with us as coaches, first and foremost. Make sure we are on the details. Making sure we don’t just communicate the finer details whatever, the basics and the plays, but we put our guys through them, so that when you get into a game situation, it’s not the first time they see them. . So I think everyone should collectively pick up their game. And obviously we’re not doing a good enough job as a full football team. “

may feel a lot Disappointed With LaFleur’s reaction, although we don’t know how he handles this situation internally. Either way, Rodgers And packets need to be put together quickly because a file Invoices Up next Sunday.

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