Mexico reports more than 50 Mpox cases in two weeks


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The Mexican Ministry of Health reports that in the past 14 days, a total of 74 probable and 51 confirmed cases of chickenpox or monkeypox have been identified in the country.

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Biweekly Technical Report on Epidemiological Surveillance in Mexico, available at , states that from the confirmation of the first case on May 28, 2022 through March 6, 2023, 6,559 people who meet the definition have been identified. potential operating condition; Of these, 3,928 are confirmed, 293 are under study, and 2,338 have been ruled out by laboratory testing.

The Institute for Diagnostic and Epidemiological Reference (InDRE) reports that the backlog of positive cases is distributed across the 32 states:

Mexico City, 2029 injuries; Jalisco, 402; State of Mexico, 361; Quintana Roo, 238; Yucatan, 169; Nuevo Leon, 125; Puebla, 68; Veracruz, 64; Tabasco, 57; Chiapas, 52; Lower California, 32; Tamaulipas, 31; Queretaro, 30; Hidalgo, 26; and Morelos, 25.

Additionally, Campeche, 23; Chihuahua, 25; Guanajuato, 22; Sinaloa, 19; Aguascalientes, 18 ; Coahuila, 16; Guerrero, 15; Oaxaca, 14; San Luis Potosi, 12; Tlaxcala, 12 years old; Nayarit, 10; Michoacan, eight; Baja California Sur, six; colima, six; sound, five; Zacatecas, five; and Durango, three.

With regard to the distribution by sex at birth, the predominance is among men, at a rate of 97 percent; The age group 30-34 years is the group with the highest prevalence, which has an incidence rate of 10.8 per 100,000 population; That is, 1025 cases out of 3928 confirmed cases.

Regarding the gender of those providing information, 95.76 percent corresponded to males and 3.29 percent to females; 0.22 percent non-binary; 0.11% bulkier; 0.20 percent, who are transgender; And 0.42 percent corresponds to another group.

The most common symptom reported was rash in 100 percent of cases, followed by fever in 72.1 percent and headache in 62.9 percent.

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Those who live with HIV, and suffer from syphilis and diabetes, among others, are more likely to develop the disease.

As of March 6, 18 deaths have been identified, four of which are directly related to smallpox infection, and two are not related to this cause, and 12 cases are being analyzed by a group of experts in infectious diseases and epidemiology to determine whether there is a causal link between death and smallpox infection .

These are 17 men and 1 woman, who, during medical care, were exposed to lesions compatible with smallpox.

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