Microsoft says GitHub now has a $1B ARR, 90M active users • TechCrunch


as part of a file earnings callToday, Microsoft announced a number of new data points for githubThe hugely popular code warehouse service acquired For $7.5 billion in 2018. According to Microsoft, GitHub now has $1 billion in annual recurring revenue, up from a report From 200 to 300 million dollars at the time of acquisition.

The company also announced that the service now has more than 90 million active users on the platform, up from 28 million when the acquisition closed and 73 million last November, when Thomas Dohmke replaced Nat Friedman as the service’s CEO.

This is the first time Microsoft has shared any financial data about the service for which the acquisition was closed.

“Since the acquisition, GitHub has now generated $1 billion in annual recurring revenue, and the spirit of the first GitHub developer has never been stronger,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on today’s earnings call. “More than 90 million people are now using the service to build software for any cloud, on any platform — a threefold increase.”

For the most part, Microsoft has allowed GitHub to be GitHub since the acquisition closed. Early on, a lot of developers – especially open source advocates – were concerned that Microsoft would change the way the service works and reduce its free offerings in order to squeeze more money out of it. But instead, GitHub expanded its free service and continued to embrace open source and open source software developers. Meanwhile, projects like GitHub Copilot might not have been possible without Microsoft’s help. And while some users have defected to GitLab and other services, the new user numbers speak for themselves.

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