Mike Rowe sounds alarm about men leaving workforce: ‘The most chilling metric of all’


Mike Rowe, host of FOX Business, warned Monday that labor force participation rate is the most “chilling” economic metric, citing the millions of “healthy men” who are not working or looking for jobs. Ro Join “The Brian Kilmeade Show” To discuss why he found the relevant metric and what it indicates for what’s to come.

Mike Rowe calls out disrespect for working in blue

Mike Rowe: I think in terms of workforce participation rate that’s the most chilling metric for me. It’s more chilling than the latest report card because it’s an indication of what’s to come. …

Seven million healthy men between the ages of 25 and 54 don’t just work. They are definitely not looking for work. They have beaten. They are finished. The vast majority of them spend more than 2,000 hours a year on screens. Now, I’m going to have a lot of opposition to this because people are going to say, OK, you’re just calling lots and lots of people lazy. no IAM not like that. I’m saying the unemployment rate is an artifact left over from the Depression when we tried to understand what was going on in our economy during a time when we explained unemployment with a lack of opportunity. Today you have 11 million vacancies. you have 7 million healthy men sit out. So what’s really going on in the country right now that basically scares me is that we’ve never had so many unrealized opportunities and so little enthusiasm for them.


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