Mike Tomlin gets real on benching Mitch Trubisky for Kenny Pickett



The Pittsburgh Steelers can use a quarterback change to revamp their attack. However, Mike Tomlin doesn’t seem to agree.

Mitch Trubesky
© Nick Cammett / Getty ImagesMitch Trubesky

The Pittsburgh Steelers continue to brag Elite Defense, even without it TJ Watt. However, insulting them is an entirely different story, and Mitch Trubesky He had yet to prove his ability to lead them forward.

Most analysts doubted and thought about Trubisky from day one Kenny Beckett He will take his job at the start of the season. However, that didn’t happen, and the rookie is currently number two on the depth chart.

Trubisky failed to impress During the first three games of the season, so some still believe Can be the bench. That’s not going to change anytime soon, like Mike Tomlin He seems to think he’s not ready yet.

NFL News: Mike Tomlin Won’t Sit Mitch Trubesky to Kenny Beckett

“I’m not in that mindset. I’m interested in reviewing this tape and seeing how we improve collectively,” The coach said after the match. “So, the answer to that question is definitely no.”

Tomlin praises Braun’s running game

The Steelers and Browns were pretty close for most of the game before the home team dominated late on. Tomlin had no choice but to raise his hat and give them a a lot of credit How they controlled the rhythm:

“I think if you’re playing those guys, and you’re looking at their attack, you’d better underestimate Chap and Hunt,” Tomlin said. “There are a lot of balls rolling for these guys. They are not 1 and 2, they are 1 and 1a. They are a formidable tandem and perhaps the most complete tandem in football, so we have our work cut out for us there.”

“I thought they dominated the line of scrimmage, especially in the second half,” Tomlin added. “If you can’t slow Chap down, you can’t beat this group. And we knew that, and we didn’t get it done. So we have to own the score, and we’ll do it. There’s really not much to talk about. We have to look at this tape and learn and improve and get better very quickly.”

We all knew this was going to be a tough season for the Steelers, and rookie QBs often needed a year on the sidelines before they were ready to step up. However, one cannot help but wonder if Mitch Trubesky and Mason Rudolph are the two people you want mentoring. Your future QB franchisee.

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