Minnesota reports additional measles cases


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in Follow up on measles An increase was reported in Minnesota, health officials reported additional cases of laboratory-confirmed measles identified by PCR testing at the Minnesota Department of Health Public Health Laboratory.

Map of Minnesota counties / US government

The most recent cases were of two Ramsey County children who had contact with a family who had recently returned from a country where measles settler Both have not been vaccinated.

Clinical symptoms of children included fever, cough, congestion, vomiting and rash. The appearance of the rash was on October 9, 2022. Secondary cases from these two cases are expected to appear in Minnesota between now and October 29. Exposures occurred mainly in schools, childcare and health care settings in Ramsay and Hennepin counties.

This latest cluster of cases brings Minnesota to the total of 16 travel-related measles cases confirmed in Minnesota since June.

How contagious is measles? Answer: very

A total of 17 measles cases have now been confirmed in Minnesota, with one case having an unknown source of exposure.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports As of October 3, a total of 24 measles cases have been reported by 5 jurisdictions.

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