Monkeypox death reported in Maryland


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The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) confirmed and reported the death of a Maryland resident where human monkeypox (MPX) was a contributing factor. The individual was immunocompromised, which led to a more serious condition.

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Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health for Public Health Services, Dr. “If you are eligible, such as immunocompromised or compromised, the best way to protect yourself from serious diseases from MPX is to get vaccinated.”

MPX is a rare but serious disease caused by the monkeypox virus, which can infect humans and other animals. Most people who develop MPX recover without any serious complications or the need for medical treatment.

People with a condition that weakens the immune system, such as advanced or untreated HIV, AIDS, some types of cancer, an organ transplant, or another immunodeficiency disorder, may be more likely to develop serious complications or need treatment. Vaccination can protect you from getting MPX or it can reduce the severity of the disease if you do get MPX.

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