My restaurant’s window was smashed in Philadelphia, where our leaders are failing their most basic duty


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The new leadership must end the chaos in Philadelphia.

stories about Increased crime ratesMurders, gunshot victims, assault, and car thefts continue to dominate local news and social media in the Philadelphia area.

Citizens on both sides of the lane discuss crime rates and safety concerns that affect daily life in the city. National and regional chains From Wawa to StarbucksAnd Walgreens and CVS are closing locations or not renewing leases based on safety concerns for their employees and the endless problem of shoplifting.

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My friends on the far left are worried. My left-of-center friends in the city are scared, and are looking for options to move on. My independent friends think letting the city crumble in this way is a grave failure to take responsibility. My center-right friends don’t go to town anymore. My extremist friends think It’s a war zone. No political affiliation thinks things are going well in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner responded as she was mentioned by Danielle Outlaw at a news conference that announced her as the new police commissioner on December 30, 2019 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
(Photo by Mark McKella/Getty Images)

Everyone acknowledges that there is a serious crime problem in the city. The mayor and the attorney general do not offer any strict solutions to protect citizens. The police feel deserted By the Prosecutor’s Office The time it takes to prosecute a criminal is longer than what a criminal spends in prison.

The windows of my restaurant were smashed on Sunday nightAnd the Like many Philadelphians, I realized that there would be no justice in this case. There will be no real investigation and no one will be held accountable. Resources from the police department A skinny razor and a smashed window aren’t a priority.

Barra Rossa's restaurant in Philadelphia has suffered more than $7,000 in damages.

Barra Rossa’s restaurant in Philadelphia has suffered more than $7,000 in damages.
(Dave Magogan)

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This is how the city falls. A broken window becomes acceptable and a part of life. After that, it’s a stolen car or home burglary. Eventually, violent crime, gunshots, and car theft become an acceptable risk to city living. Walking around the corner and getting robbed or beaten is now more of a concern for tourists and citizens than ever before.

One of the city government’s primary responsibilities to taxpayers is to provide a safe and secure environment in our neighborhoods, schools, and business communities. If a citizen makes the decision to buy a house, rent an apartment, or open a business, he must feel confident that his investment will be safe and protected by law.

Vandals smashed the window of the Barra Rossa restaurant in Philadelphia.

Vandals smashed the window of the Barra Rossa restaurant in Philadelphia.
(Dave Magogan)

If there is no protection for people or property, why would someone choose to invest and commit to being part of the fabric of society? Basic protection is the primary responsibility of our city government. They have failed in this endeavor and it is time for a radical change in leadership.


People from all sides and from all walks of life deserve to live in a safe, nonviolent and prosperous city. The policies currently in place are sure failures and continue to erode the residential and commercial environment that will help all citizens lead a better life.

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