Napoli can no longer use Diego Maradona’s image on their kits


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Napoli wore kits with the late Argentine’s face on for nearly a year and was subject to a legal pushback from Maradona’s estate.

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Diego Maradona is Naples, and Naples He is a big part of Diego Maradona. It is one of the greatest marriages in football history. Maradona He came to Naples in 1984 and until his suspension of cocaine use in 1991 revolutionized Italian football and Naples.

In the seven years he spent in Naples, Maradona He won the Italian League twice, the Italian Cup once, the Italian Super Cup once, and the European Cup which is now known as the European League. Al-Diego scored 115 goals in 259 matches for the club and was a Napoli player when he won the 1986 World Cup.

Upon his death in November of 2020, Napoli requested commemorative sets with Maradona’s face as a sign of respect for the player whom the club unanimously declared the greatest player in Napoli history. Napoli have been wearing and selling clothes for over a year but now the Maradona family wants to put an end to that.

Why does the Maradona family from Naples want to remove Diego Maradona’s face from the clothes?

The reason is due to the money, as the Maradona family went to the Italian authorities in order for the club to stop using the image of Diego Maradona. The aforementioned authorities granted the family’s wishes and Napoli must stop selling or using Maradona-like shirts.

Napoli made €1m in T-shirt sales, but no money was ever shared with Maradona’s family or closest relatives.

“The ruling of the Naples court indicates that there is a relationship between the managing director of Maradona’s heirs and Stefano Cisse with his company. Naples has nothing to do with the matter. The dispute between them”, The club’s lawyer, Mattia Grassani, said on CalcioNapoli24 TV.

Stefano Cisse was an Italian business partner of Diego Maradona and owned the rights to use Maradona’s image.According to Clarin, Ceci struck a deal with Maradona that splits the revenue generated from using Maradona’s image between Diego and Ceci 50/50. Napoli paid for the image rights to Maradona’s face from Ceci and appears to have fallen into the mix.

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