NBA executive reveals how much influence Stephen Curry has over Golden State Warriors Front Office



Not only do NBA players have the power to influence the field, their opinions often dictate the teams they play for. So how much influence did Stephen Curry have on the Golden State Warriors? A league executive reveals.

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors
© Ezra Shaw / Getty ImagesStephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors The fans are divided: they have a dream in which their team has practically been ruined NBABut they also run the risk of waking up suddenly. To this end, many of their joys, but especially their hopes are pinned on their great star, Stephen Curry.

human torch He has laid the foundations to be one of the greatest players in the NBA for at least the last five years. With the success of the warriors, Kari earned the right to eat at the same table LeBron Jamesfor example.

thus, Stephen Curry He has a huge responsibility to the Golden State franchise and the fans who love the team. His ability on the field is really Golden State’s main competitive argument, but how much does his voice weigh in decisions made by the team’s front office?

Stephen Curry’s impact on the Golden State Warriors off the field

According to the information received from Hevi’s Sean Devine (Across world fade away) , a NBA The CEO has reportedly taken the time to address the issue of how Stephen Curry’s opinions and ideas affect the Golden State Warriors’ front desk when making team decisions.

Steve terrorizes them in that front office. I mean, within reason. Steph Avery wanted Bradley last year but they wanted Gary Payton II. They didn’t listen to him and that was no problem. I think Steve likes to have a voice but he doesn’t get caught up in dictating moves.‘, an NBA executive said at the Western Conference of Devine.

It’s so special to have a legend of a size Stephen Curry Today is for the Golden State Warriors, and the front office is clear about that. When your best player points out something, you have to think about it. In the end, with Curry at the helm, the franchise delivered the greatest joy to its fans in its history.

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