Nets could move Ben Simmons for a shooter



The Brooklyn Nets seem to have seen enough already, and would be happy to pack Ben Simmons’ bags for the veteran shooter.

Ben Simmons
© Elsa / Getty ImagesBen Simmons

on paper, Ben Simmons It was just what Brooklyn Networks need. He can give them size, athleticism, gamemaking, recoil, and elite defense. But Paper does not win NBA gamesAnd the Simmons has been a fluke to himself lately.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that there is no sign of the old Simmons being there. Nets don’t even need to be something they aren’t, which means they don’t need them to be a shooter. But even in a limited role, I messed up.

Simmons nets period I got off to a substandard start. He hardly had an effect and got into serious trouble constantly. and then suddenly, Back injury appeared again. Yes, the same injury he admitted was caused by mental blocks and he was not emotionally ready to play.

Ben Simmons feels relieved when he’s out of the game

Some scouts even claim that Simmons looks relaxed when he gets into serious trouble. for every ESPN’s Brian Windhurst, The word all over the league is that he doesn’t want to be on the field anymore:

“I’ve spoken to scouts who have watched over and over while Ben Simmons gets into serious trouble and is taken out of the game and thinks he seems to feel good to get out of the game sometimes,” Windhurst said.

Networks can pull the plug on Ben Simmons’ experiment

So, it’s not as if the Nets can wait and see the return of love for the game, if there ever was one. With that in mind, Ian Begley from SNY They report that they can hunt down a Veteran Sniper while still being able to:

“Even before that loss on Saturday, the Nets were talking to teams about quick deal ideas,” he said. Bigley said. “The Nets were looking to actually shoot Ben Simmons in at least one conversation they were having with the Western Conference team. There seem to be several things on the table in the menu. Sean Mark definitely didn’t look like the sold-out GM on this list so stand there and see where the networks go from there. “

There is no doubt that Simmons is a unique talent with MVP and DPOY potential. But he doesn’t seem ready or happy to be on the court at all. So, maybe it’s time We stop waiting for it to be something that never will be.

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