New California Laws 2023: Part 20


New California Laws of 2023: Part 20

Sacramento, CA – Part 20 in the new California laws of 2023. This batch includes air quality, worker comp, cyberbullying, water rights, disability access, cannabis tax fund spending reports and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 20

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AB-2815 Elections: Vote by mail ballot delivery sites.
AB-2821 California Children’s Savings Program for Investment and Development.
AB-2827 Child day care facilities.
AB-2832 The rights of every child in society.
AB-2836 Carl Moyer Memorial Air Quality Standards Achievement Program: Vehicle Registration Fee: California Tire Fee.
AB-2838 Electricity companies: Joint Green Tariff Program for Renewable Energy.
AB-2841 Ineligibility to vote.
AB-2848 Workers’ compensation: medical treatment.
AB-2849 The Promotion of Worker Ownership for Economic Recovery Act.
AB-2863 Green building standards: bicycle parking.
AB-2866 dependent children
AB-2870 Firearms: Gun Violence Restraining Orders.
AB-2872 Domestic Violence: Victims: Dealing with Confidentiality.
AB-2873 California Tax Credit Allocation Commission: Low Income Housing Credit: Women, Minorities, Veterans, and LGBT Businesses.
AB-2877 Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Trust: Kabyle.
AB-2879 Online Content: Cyberbullying.
AB-2880 Taxes: Credits: A tax credit for college access.
AB-2881 General post-secondary education: students with dependent children.
AB-2887 General Resources: Sales and Use Tax Law: Exclusions.
AB-2890 Property and business improvement areas.
AB-2895 Water: permits and licenses: temporary changes: transfer of water or water rights.
AB-2906 Telecommunications: Automatic Communication Announcement Devices: Pupil Health and Safety Exemption.
AB-2912 Consumer guarantees.
AB-2916 Contractors: Disclosure of warning letters.
AB-2917 Accessibility: Internet sites, parking, and outdoor travel itineraries.
AB-2921 alcoholic beverages.
AB-2925 California Cannabis Tax Fund: Spending Reports.
AB-2931 Pipeline Integrity: Records.
AB-2949 Vehicles: toll exemptions.
AB-2953 Department of Transportation and local agencies: Streets and Highways: Recycled Materials.

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