New California Laws 2023: Part 23


New California Laws of 2023: Part 23

Sacramento, CA – Part 23 in the new California laws of 2023. This installment includes laws on human trafficking, online marketplaces, fire protection, flood management, contraceptives, tribal games, electricity and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 23

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SB-301 Markets: Online markets.
SB-307 Great Redwood Trail Agency: Humboldt County: State Funds: Corresponding Offices.
SB-349 California Ethical Treatment Act for People with Substance Use Disorder.
SB-357 Offenses: loitering with intent to commit prostitution.
SB-367 Student safety: Medication reversing opioid overdoses.
SB-370 Wildlife: A Big Game Management Account: Uses.
SB-379 Residential solar systems: permitting.
SB-382 Human Trafficking: Restraining Orders.
SB-384 Events: relative placement: family discovery.
SB-401 Psychology: Unprofessional Behavior: Disciplinary Procedures: Sexual Acts.
SB-418 Pajaro Valley County Healthcare.
SB-440 State Equalization Board: Returns and Payment: Extension: State of Emergency.
SB-450 Fire Protection: District Fire Fund: Office of Emergency Services.
SB-459 The Political Reform Act of 1974: Lobbying.
SB-467 Expert witnesses: writ of habeas corpus.
SB-468 Emergency: local emergency: electromagnetic pulse.
SB-489 Flood Management Projects: Government Funding: Pajaro River Flood Risk Management Project.
SB-490 American Food Purchase Act: Public Institutions: Purchase of Non-Domestic Agricultural Food Products.
SB-502 Hazardous Substances: Green Chemistry: Consumer Products.
SB-504 Elections: voter registration.
SB-518 Alcoholic Beverage Tax: Vineyard Revenue and Schedules.
SB-523 The Copyright Act of 2022.
SB-528 Events: Medication Documentation.
SB-529 Electricity: Electricity transmission facilities.
SB-532 Pupil Education: Secondary Coursework and Graduation Requirements: Exemptions and Alternatives.
SB-559 Tribal Games: Compressed Authentication.
SB-561 Surplus State Ownership: Digital Stock: Affordable Housing.
SB-577 Financial Institutions: Money Transfers: Escrow Agents: Lenders and Brokers: Banks.
SB-599 Public Utilities Authority: procedures, reports and public procurement.
SB-632 California Victims Compensation Board: Paying Claims.

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