New California Laws 2023: Part 25


New California Laws of 2023: Part 25

Sacramento, CA – Part 25 in the new California laws of 2023. This installment includes laws on wild hog, domestic violence, teacher retirement, water diversion, tribal games, school safety and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 25

invoice Title
SB-855 Pilot program to collect drowning data in childhood.
SB-856 Wild boar: checks.
SB-857 Telecommunications: Universal Service Programs.
SB-858 Health Care Service Plans: Discipline: Civil Penalties.
SB-863 Domestic Violence: Mortality Review Teams.
SB-864 General acute care hospitals: drug screening.
SB-868 State Teachers’ Retirement: Supplemental Benefits.
SB-869 Accommodation: Mobile home parks: Recreational parking: Manager training.
SB-872 Pharmacies: mobile units.
SB-874 Classified school district and community college employees: probation: promotion.
SB-877 Victims Compensation Board of California: Mental Health Services: Reimbursement.
SB-879 Toxicology testing for dogs and cats.
SB-880 Water Diversion: Monitoring and Reporting: University of California Collaborative Extension.
SB-882 Advisory Council for Improving Interaction between Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and Law Enforcement.
SB-883 Umbilical cord blood collection programme.
SB-884 Electricity: Utilities Distribution Infrastructure Acceleration Program.
SB-886 California Environmental Quality Act: Exemption: Public Universities: University Housing Developments.
SB-887 Electricity: Transmission Facility Planning.
SB-891 Commercial Licenses: Compliance with storm water drainage.
SB-892 Prepare for cybersecurity: the food and agricultural sector and the water and sanitation systems sector.
SB-893 Community Colleges: San Mateo County Community College District: California College Promise.
SB-895 Solid waste: a non-profit appropriate area recycler: Definition.
SB-896 Wildfires: Defensible Space: Grant Programs: Local Governments.
SB-897 Ancillary housing units: small attached housing units.
SB-898 Tribal gambling: ratification amendment agreement.
SB-900 Tribal Games: Compressed Authentication.
SB-901 Flood Protection: City of West Sacramento Flood Risk Reduction Project.
SB-903 Prisons: California Rehabilitation Oversight Board.
SB-905 Carbon sequestration: a carbon capture, removal, utilization and storage program.
SB-906 School safety: death threats.

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New California laws

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