New California Laws 2023: Part 28


New California Laws of 2023: Part 28

Sacramento, CA – Part 28 in the new California laws of 2023. This installment includes laws related to violent participation, child support, disability insurance, Cal Works, bankruptcy, vehicle insurance and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 28

invoice Title
SB-1037 Civil Discovery: Oral Deposition: Deposition Procedure.
SB-1040 Insurance: refund.
SB-1041 Sales and use taxes: general exemptions.
SB-1044 Employers: Emergency: Retaliation.
SB-1046 Solid waste: pre-departure and transport bags.
SB-1047 Early learning and care.
SB-1052 Baldwin Hills Preserve: Expanding an Urban Watershed Conservation.
SB-1054 General Social Services: Records: Confidential: Multidisciplinary staff teams.
SB-1055 Child Support Enforcement: License Suspension.
SB-1056 violent posts.
SB-1057 Primary and secondary education: a comprehensive bill.
SB-1058 Disability insurance: paid family leave: demographic data.
SB-1061 School District and Community College Elections: Special Election: Petition Requirements: Election Timing.
SB-1063 Energy: standards for cost-effective devices and measures.
SB-1064 Structural Pest Control: Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage.
SB-1071 Public Social Services: Administrative Hearings: Access to Event Records.
SB-1075 Hydrogen: Green Hydrogen: Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
SB-1076 Fixed coating.
SB-1079 Vehicles: Sound Enforcement Devices.
SB-1081 Disorganized behavior: peeping, recording and distribution of intimate images.
SB-1083 CalWORKs: Helping Pregnancy and the Homeless.
SB-1085 Juveniles: Affiliation: Juvenile Court Jurisdiction.
SB-1087 Vehicles: catalytic converters.
SB-1089 Public Employees Retirement Systems: Prohibited Investments: Turkey.
SB-1090 Family emergency response system.
SB-1093 Community care facilities: criminal background checks.
SB-1096 Online tool: Traffic Offenders School.
SB-1099 Bankruptcy: Debtors.
SB-1100 Open meetings: a structured procedure.
SB-1106 Criminal resentment: the response.
SB-1107 Vehicles: insurance.

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