New California Laws (part 10)


New California Laws 2023: Part X

Sacramento, CA – Part 10 in California’s new statutes of 2023. This payment includes disparities for developmental services, correctional facilities, organic waste, CSU, hotel shelter programs, small business, jury duty and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 10

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AB-1954 Physicians and surgeons: treatment and medication for patients who use cannabis.
AB-1957 Disparities in the development services system.
AB-1958 Community College Student Access, Retention, and Debt Abolition Program.
AB-1959 Food and Agriculture: A Comprehensive Bill.
AB-1963 California State University and UCLA: Providers of Genetic Synthesis.
AB-1968 Post-secondary public education: Standardized media guidance for survivors of sexual assault.
AB-1971 County Employees Retirement Act of 1937.
AB-1974 Correctional facilities: process service.
AB-1978 Department of Housing and Community Development: Powers.
AB-1981 Jury duty.
AB-1982 Telehealth: dental care.
AB-1985 Organic waste: Purchasing targets for recovered organic waste products.
AB-1989 Commercial property insurance: discount vehicle insurance.
AB-1991 Motels and Hotels: Publicly Funded Shelter Programs.
AB-1997 California State University: Emergency Response Programs: A Report.
AB-1998 Community Colleges: Tuition fees for non-residents: Western University Exchange.
AB-2000 Speed โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹vehicle competitions and speed exhibitions: off-road car parking.
AB-2001 California Finance Law: Telework.
AB-2004 california dream loan program
AB-2006 Regulatory Agreements: Monitoring Compliance.
AB-2011 The Affordable Housing and Highway Jobs Act of 2022.
AB-2015 Sacramento Regional Transit District: Board of Directors: Voting Procedure: Contracting Authority: Board of Retirement.
AB-2019 Small business enterprises.
AB-2022 The state government.
AB-2023 Prisons: Discharge Plans.
AB-2028 Instructions for the pupil: Safety instructions for bicycles and scooters.
AB-2030 Fresno County Citizens’ Redistricting Commission.
AB-2031 Mobilehome Residence Act: Management meetings with homeowners.
AB-2037 Polling locations: alcoholic beverages.
AB-2038 School finance: the ratio of administrative staff to teachers.

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New California laws

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