New California Laws (part 11)


New California Laws 2023: Part Eleven

Sacramento, Calif. – Part 11 in California’s new laws of 2023. This payment includes bail bonds, EV charging infrastructure, utility rates, veterans’ health coverage, an EDD recession plan, and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 11

law Project nickname
AB-2043 Bail bonds.
AB-2046 University of California, Merced, and University of California, Riverside.
AB-2048 Solid Waste: Concession Agreements: Database.
AB-2056 Bar Flyers: Counseling rates.
AB-2057 Department of Transport: Goods movement data.
AB-2059 Hazardous Substances Business and Area Plans: Consumer Products: Record Keeping.
AB-2061 Transport Electrification: Infrastructure for Charging Electric Vehicles.
AB-2068 Occupational safety and health: designations: spoken languages.
AB-2072 Mental Health Professionals: Natural Disasters: County Education Offices: Individual Sharing Agreements.
AB-2075 Energy: electric vehicle charging standards.
AB-2081 Municipal Water Districts: Water Service: Indian Territories.
AB-2083 Public utilities: prices.
AB-2085 Offenses: Commissioned Reporters.
AB-2089 Privacy: Mental Health Digital Services: Mental Health App Information.
AB-2091 Disclosure of Information: Reproductive Health and Foreign Civil Lawsuits.
AB-2094 The General Plan: Annual Report: Housing for the Very Limited Income.
AB-2096 Hospitals recovering from chemical dependence.
AB-2097 Residential, Commercial, or Other Development Types: Parking Requirements.
AB-2098 Doctors and surgeons: unprofessional behaviour.
AB-2101 California Carbon Sequestration and Climate Resilience Project Record: Whole Orchards Recycling Projects.
AB-2105 Contractors: Initial License Fee Reduction: Veterans.
AB-2107 Clinical laboratory tests.
AB-2108 Water Politics: Environmental Justice: Disenfranchised and Tribal Communities.
AB-2109 White sharks: the prohibition of the use of attractants.
AB-2117 Mobile stroke units.
AB-2119 Veterans: Foster Home Medical Program.
AB-2122 Post-secondary general education: Mental health hotlines: Student ID cards.
AB-2127 Medicare coverage: Dependent adults.
AB-2129 Employment Development Department: The Recession Plan.
AB-2130 Emergency Medical Services: Training.

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New California laws

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