New California Laws (part 15)


New California Laws 2023: Part Fifteen

Sacramento, CA – Part 15 in the new California laws of 2023. This payment includes coverage for prescription drugs, health care decisions, illegal dumping, investments of state funds, school districts, theft, and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 15

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AB-2322 California Building Standards: Fire Resistance: Occupancy Hazard Classes.
AB-2324 Position division: health staff.
AB-2326 Lead poisoning prevention: laboratory reports.
AB-2327 The Carpenter-Presley-Tanner Hazardous Substances Account Act: Conforming Reviews.
AB-2329 Pupil Health: Eye Examinations: School Sites.
AB-2330 Unsalvageable vehicles from total losses.
AB-2332 State funds: investments.
AB-2334 Density Reward Law: Affordability: Incentives or Concessions in Extremely Low Vehicle Travel Areas: Parking Standards: Tariffs.
AB-2337 Educational areas: Border School District.
AB-2338 Health care decisions: Decision makers and agents.
AB-2339 Housing component: emergency shelters: regional housing need.
AB-2342 Community Economic Resilience Fund Program.
AB-2344 Connecting Wildlife: Transportation Projects.
AB-2352 Coverage of prescription medications.
AB-2355 School cyber security.
AB-2356 Theft: collection.
AB-2359 Compton Community College District: Personnel Commission.
AB-2361 Juveniles: refer them to criminal justice.
AB-2365 Granting the fentanyl program.
AB-2367 Regional Transportation Plans: Implementing Authority: San Diego Association of Governments.
AB-2369 Domestic Violence Prevention Act: Attorney’s Fees and Costs.
AB-2374 Crimes against public health and safety: illegal dumping.
AB-2375 Homeless children and youth and unaccompanied youth: the housing questionnaire.
AB-2380 Online Pet Retailers: Retail Financing Options.
AB-2391 Civil action: malicious litigation.
AB-2392 Information privacy: Connected devices: Labeling.
AB-2404 Hospitals: Seismic Compliance: Pacifica Valley Hospital.
AB-2406 Intermodal marine terminals.
AB-2413 Classified School and Community College Personnel: Disciplinary Hearings: Compensation.
AB-2415 Vehicles: Station Basic Inspection Program: Agricultural Vehicles.

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New California laws

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