New California Laws (part 16)


New California Laws 2023: Part Sixteen

Sacramento, CA – Part 16 in the New California Laws of 2023. This installment includes Youth Rights Act, Civil Rights, Foster Children, Housing for the Homeless, Parent-Child Relationship and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 16

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AB-2417 Juveniles: Youth Bill of Rights.
AB-2418 Offenses: Justice Accountability and Transparency Act.
AB-2420 Perinatal and infant health: extreme heat.
AB-2422 California State University: Investments.
AB-2424 credit service organizations.
AB-2431 Business entities: Statement of information: Requirements.
AB-2432 Electric Vehicle Neighborhood: Los Angeles County.
AB-2433 Department of Financial Protection and Innovation: Unlawful Practices.
AB-2436 Death certificates: guaranteed.
AB-2440 The Responsible Battery Recycling Act of 2022.
AB-2443 Judges Retirement Scheme II: Benefits.
AB-2446 Embodied Carbon Emissions: Building Materials.
AB-2448 Civil Rights: Business: Discrimination and Harassment of Customers: A Pilot Program.
AB-2449 Open meetings: local agencies: teleconferences.
AB-2452 Structural fumigation enforcement program.
AB-2453 Transaction and Use Taxes: Ventura County Transportation Authority.
AB-2459 Post-secondary education: student housing: data collection.
AB-2463 Public Works: Exemption.
AB-2466 Encouraging children.
AB-2473 Substance use disorder: counsellors.
AB-2480 Rehabilitation services: people with vision loss.
AB-2481 Hazardous Household Waste: Facilities: Transportation and Acceptance.
AB-2482 General Post-Secondary Education: Student Health: A Pilot Program: Health Vending Machines.
AB-2483 Housing for individuals experiencing homelessness.
AB-2494 Kern County Redistricting Commission.
AB-2495 Relationship between parent and child.
AB-2496 Vehicles: exhaust systems.
AB-2503 Landlords and Tenants: California Law Review Commission: A Study.
AB-2505 Water theft: irrigation areas.
AB-2508 Student services: educational guidance.

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