New California Laws (part 9)


New California Laws 2023: Part Nine

Sacramento, CA – Part 9 in the new California laws of 2023. This payment includes school liability, car history, reproductive health, Medi-Cal, property tax, bereavement leave and more.

For full text and authorship details regarding statutes and effective dates, please click on the invoice number below to access California Legislature Official releases.

New California Laws of 2023 – Part 9

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AB-1863 Income Tax: CalFile: Online Tax Filing: Voluntary Income Tax Help.
AB-1866 Irrevocable Trust Relationships: Limitations.
AB-1867 School facilities: modernization projects: bathrooms.
AB-1868 School responsibility: the state of English language acquisition: data.
AB-1871 Vehicle history reports.
AB-1876 Substitute teachers: Emergency Occupational Substitute Teaching Permit: Employment Verification.
AB-1882 Hospitals: seismic safety.
AB-1885 Hemp and hemp products: animals: veterinary medicine.
AB-1894 Integrated cannabis vaporizer: packaging, labeling, advertising and marketing.
AB-1899 Crimes: False Embodiment.
AB-1901 Dog Training Services: Disclosure Requirement.
AB-1902 Resource Conservation: Resource Conservation Areas.
AB-1904 Consumer Statutory Compensation Act: Covered Person.
AB-1906 Voluntary Restoration: Property Owner Responsibility: Compensation: Claims.
AB-1907 Long-term health care facilities: inspections.
AB-1909 Vehicles: bicycles inclusive.
AB-1912 Contingency Provisions: Closing and Consolidation Requirements.
AB-1914 Resource Family Consent: Training.
AB-1918 California Reproductive Health Services Authority.
AB-1923 Partnership Academies: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).
AB-1924 Criminal Law: Certificate of Rehabilitation.
AB-1925 District and District Offices: Qualifications.
AB-1929 Medi-Cal Benefits: Violence prevention services.
AB-1932 General Contracts: Construction contracts at risk for the construction manager.
AB-1933 Estate Taxes: Welfare Exemption: Nonprofit Company: Low-Income Families.
AB-1936 University of California: Hastings College of Law.
AB-1938 Traffic safety: speed limits.
AB-1942 Community Colleges: Funding: Educational service agreements with public safety agencies.
AB-1946 Electric Bicycle: Safety and Training Program.
AB-1949 Employees: bereavement leave.

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New California laws

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