New dengue vaccine in Portugal


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The Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (IHMT) in Lisbon reported a new dengue vaccine that was made available in Portugal last week.

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According to the director of the institute, Philomeno FortisThe vaccine does not require prior contact with the virus and is effective against the disease, preventing hospitalization for up to four and a half years after vaccination.

The vaccine approved in December by INFARMED can be given to anyone (ages 4-60).

In addition, the vaccine prevents all types of dengue fever – “80% effective after 12 months”, and in terms of preventing hospitalization, it is 90.4% effective.

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Fortes also adds that this new vaccine is “completely effective” against the dengue variant 2: “With the two doses, the probability of even mild symptoms is zero.”


With respect to the other serotypes (1, 3, and 4), those vaccinated can develop “very mild disease.”

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