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The New York Post, one of New York City’s largest daily, said it was hacked on Thursday after several offensive articles and tweets were posted on the newspaper’s website and Twitter account.

The articles and tweets, which were racist and violent in nature, were pulled after a short time. TechCrunch does not publish the contents of tweets, many of which have called for the assassination of politicians and public figures.

The New York Post’s content management system, used to post stories and articles, is believed to have been hacked. The offensive tweets were sent via SocialFlow, a website plugin used to push stories to social media sites. The tweets also contained links to web pages on the Post’s website, but these are no longer accessible at the time of writing.

Eva Benson, a spokesman for News Corp, which owns the New York Post, told TechCrunch: “Confirmation that the post has been hacked. The reprehensible and despicable content that was posted has been removed, and we are still investigating the cause.”

The breach comes weeks later Fast Company’s CMS has been hacked Push Apple News notifications that are offensive to readers. Fast Company withdrew its site for more than a week to rebuild its systems after the settlement. The hacker, who identified himself through his “Thrax” tack, posted an article on the Fast Company website describing how they found a “very easy” default password that was used across multiple accounts, including the administrator, allowing them to access the news outlet’s systems. .

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