NFL reveals what type of injury he suffered vs. Bengals



The Dolphins visited the Cincinnati Bengals on the fourth Thursday Night Football of the year. Unfortunately, Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had to walk out of the match due to an injury and was taken to the hospital immediately.

Tua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins.
© Andy Lyons / Getty ImagesTua Tagovailoa, Miami Dolphins.

fourth week subordinate 2022 NFL season It started with an exciting game between dolphins and the Bengals. Unfortunately, the match went through a difficult moment when Toa Tagovailoa, Miami midfieldersuffered horrific injury. right Now , league Revealed his status after he was transferred to hospital immediately.

Tua Tagovailoa is one of the best midfielders nowadays in NFL. During his school years, he sustained five injuries. One of them (hip) almost ended his football career.

But now things looked different for 2022 NFL season. The dolphins The campaign started with 3-0 recordwith Toa Tagoviloa As one of the main reasons for that good moment. Unfortunately, he had another injury in the fourth week and the league revealed his type.

The case of Tua Tagovailoa: What injury did the Dolphin Quarterback have against the Bengals in Week 4?

during the The second quarter of Thursday night football against the Cincinnati Bengals, Josh Topo captured Tua TagovailoaBut it wasn’t just an ordinary hit. Quarterback Dolphin fell and Hit the ground with the back of his head What appeared to be a concussion.

He lay on the field for several minutes before leaving in an ambulance Directly to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Soon after, he reported to the NFL that he suffered from a Head and neck injuryHowever, its status is still uncertain.

last Sunday during the third week game against buffalo billsHe also had to leave for a moment in what seemed to be something else concussion. The NFLPA Investigate whether the The dolphins followed the protocol correctlyBut Miami said it was only a back injury.

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