Nick Sirianni explains why he told Cowboys to go f- themselves



The Philadelphia Eagles HC Nick Sirianni wasn’t happy with some extracurricular activity and let the Dallas Cowboys make up his mind.

Nick Syriani
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The competition between Cowboys in Dallas And the Philadelphia Eagles she is one from The hardest of all sports. These guys don’t like each other, and it’s a competition that goes beyond the football field. Fans, players, and even coaches hate each other’s guts.

This hatred is always shown in full when this East NFC competitors Meet, and last night’s Sunday night soccer match was no exception to this rule. Multiple brawls late in the game and screaming fans from the stands could attest to this.

However, it was HC . Eagles Nick Syriani The one who stole all the addresses was seen screaming “This is a game, damn you!” Towards the cowboy fringe. Needless to say, he had to explain himself after the match.

NFL News: Nick Siriani explains why he dropped an F-bomb at the Cowboys field

(via ProFootballTalk)

“I was pissed off about it—I will always take care of our youth,Siriani told reporters. “I’m moving. He should have called timeout there, right, to continue the game.”

“I was crazy about extracurricular activity. Hey guys, I’ll always keep up with our guys. You’ve seen me, you may have seen me in the Jets this pre-season and they hit Jalen [Hurts] Late in the frontier reaction was very similar. I’m sure we weren’t angels in that showdown there. I’m sure we have a bit to do with that too.

“And there was a bit of a squabble there, and I’m going to keep defending our guys. That’s just who I am. I love these guys.” this is my family. I have a great family at home, great parents, a great wife, great kids, and great brothers, but this is my other family. Just like when my brother’s team was 0-2 at the start and someone was making fun of my brother when I was in the sixth grade when he was big and I was dealing with him in this scenario, I’ll continue with my buddies in this scenario.

“I know they know I’ve got their support. I know they’ve got my back, and that’s what a team is. I love being part of a team. It’s so special.” I am 41 years old and I am still part of a team. This is unbelievable and it feels great.”

The league will likely have something to say about it, and will be fined heavily. But players would go to war for a boss like this, and That 6-0 start to the season definitely proves it.

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