No evidence of criminal wrongdoing in deadly Rocklin accident involving former Placer CEO Placer


The Placer County District Attorney’s Office completes a report that includes a fatal crash in March 2022 in Rocklin

Roseville, California – Placer County District Attorney’s Office She has completed her review of the circumstances surrounding the fatal collision involving former Placer County CEO, Todd Leopold.

The material reviewed included all reports, audio files, and body cam video clips associated with the Rocklin Police Department investigation.

This review was comprehensive, and this office received investigative reports as late as August 2022. This office had experienced prosecutors to independently assess the evidence in order to arrive at the best and most informed decision possible. The objective of this review was to impartially balance the evidence obtained in this investigation to determine whether the facts support criminal charges.

No criminal charges

After reviewing the facts, the Public Prosecutor’s Office found that there were no appropriate criminal charges because there was insufficient evidence to establish beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime had occurred. Given the facts revealed by the investigation so far, there is no evidence of any criminal or wrongful intent on the part of the driver at the time of the collision. The factors that led to this finding, as well as the full scope of the review process can be found in detail in the full report below.

Although this review was lengthy, the process used by this office sought to ensure that all evidence and interests involved were considered in the final decision. The Placer County District Attorney’s Office contacted interested parties before releasing the reports to the public. Due to the significant privacy interests of the parties and the family, further comments about the facts will be limited.

The Bureau is grateful to the community for their patience during this comprehensive and important review. The full report can be found below.
This decision is subject to re-examination if the physical evidence changes or is revealed by any further investigation.

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