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There seems to be little room for surprises left in the industry, these days – and not just because of all the leaks. Like Google with its Pixel line, nothing has departed from the standard one-stroke product reveal model. Instead, it is taken to shape its own news cycle through slow official harassment. With the third – and newer – device, the company has given us practically everything except the date and price.

This morning, founder Carl Pei officially unveiled the product. Likes, officially, officially. The arrival of Nothing Ear (the wand) finds the company returning to the core business it laid out last summer with its first product, None Air (1). The two obvious differences here are the new “lipstick style” case which gives the product its original character and transitions to a “half-in-the-ear” design, as opposed to earlier silicone tips.

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(stick) does not replace (1), keep in mind. The presentation instead focuses on people who prefer a more traditional design, such as AirPods versus AirPods Pro. I’m not one of them, but I don’t blame you if you are. Everyone is different. The company says the design has been “tested on more than 100 people”. Otherwise, the buds (the stems, really) look more or less like the other product. Definitely not complaining there.

The Ear (1) promised 24/34 hours of battery life, it was said, depending on active noise cancellation and other uses. (The Stick) is rated at 29 hours with the case and the big caveat that active noise cancellation isn’t an option here (like the standard Airpods are, too). However, if they can replicate the sound (1) with the 12.6mm driver, you can justify the $99 price tag ($149 CAD) quite easily.

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On that note, Pei took to Twitter last week to note that the price of (1) had accidentally gone up from $99 to $149, due to an “increase in costs.” Sure, the cost of mass-produced hardware has jumped lately, thanks to shorter supply chains and inflation. The founder added that the company has sold “nearly” 600,000 pairs of its first product.

(Stick) sales will open on November 4 in 40 countries, including the US, UK and Canada. It will also be available at There is no first store in LondonNaturally.

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