November Update: Roseville Joint Union High School District


College applications, civic engagement, and fall sports

ROSEVILLE, CA – As we enter our full third month of school, the hustle and bustle of student life is back and stronger than ever, and I personally enjoyed every minute of filling my fall calendar!

There are many events and ‘quests’ to keep in mind as we approach November. The hours will soon change and we’ll be enjoying cooler, longer nights – and hopefully, lots of time with family and friends when the students are done hard at homework and school activities. I also want to share a quick reminder that many high school seniors have college applications due this month – stick with it, you’re nearing the finish line!

For some of our seniors, Election Day It is also an important part of November this year. If you’re going to vote for the first time on November 8, congratulations on this important step into adulthood. Civic engagement is a rewarding experience, and having a voice through your vote is a powerful opportunity that I hope you will appreciate now and throughout your life.

Fall sports are ending (or in some cases, the playoffs are up!), shows and concerts take place on campus, and we’re getting closer to the holidays. I’m so grateful for the life that’s happening on campus and in our community, and I want everyone RJUHSD Family to know how much I appreciate your participation in our schools.

As we head into the well-deserved Thanksgiving holiday, make sure you relax, enjoy some great food and family, and remember some of the things to be grateful for this year.

John Baker, RJUHSD Supervisor

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