Now Elon Musk says he won’t fire 75% of Twitter’s staff • TechCrunch


Elon Musk told Twitter employees on Wednesday that he does not plan to lay off 75% of employees when he takes over the company, Bloomberg reports, Quoted from “people familiar with the matter”.

This is a retraction from what Musk said He said last week. The famous CEO denied the previously mentioned number when he was Address the staff At Twitter’s San Francisco office on Wednesday.

“Chief Twit” as his Twitter profile describes him now, posted a video Of himself walking to Twitter headquarters before the meeting holding a sink with the caption “Let this sink in!”

Musk casually referred to layoffs when he took over Twitter, a $44 billion deal It is expected to close on Friday. However, the immediate loss of 75% of Twitter’s employees, or about 5,600 employees, would likely leave the social media company inoperable.

Twitter employees remain concerned about expected staff cuts as part of the acquisition, according to the report.

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